Thursday, September 5, 2013

September and October Reminders:

September 11:          Chapel Day, remember to wear your Noonday t-shirt!
                                      Chick-fil-A Day, ages 4 & up
September 17 & 18: Picture Days, check your child's class calendar for your day
September 25:          Pizza Day, ages 2 & up

October 3,4,7&8:     No School, Cobb County furlough and student holidays
October 9:                Chapel Day
October 16:              Chick-fil-A Day, 4's and up
October 21-25:        Kindergarten Conferences
October 26:              Noonday Baptist Church Fall Festival, 4-6 pm
October 30:              Pizza Day
October 30 & 31:     Noonday Pumpkin Patch

Please remember to join PTT!

Check the calendar on the Noonday Christian Academy website for additional information.

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